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Kärrtorps scoutkår is one of many Scout troops in Stockholm. Kärrtorp is a suburb south east of Stockholm where most of the buildings are from between 1940 and 1960. It is a quiet corner of Stockholm, only ten minutes from the city centre with the underground. Kärrtorp has its border to miles wide forests and lakes. This is of course ideal for Scouting. Our weekly meetings are held in Kärrtorp but we do often go to our cabin, which is situated in Fräkenbotten. In Sweden most Scout troops have their own cabins. Many of them are open for hire for a weekend so we have lots of different cabins to go to. They are of course also open for Scouts from abroad.

Kärrtorps Scout troop has for the moment about 210 members (160 Scouts and 50 Scout leaders/adults). We are proud of our Scout troop bearing in mind that the last ten years we have grown from year to year. The main reasons to our success is a good Scout program, well kept traditions and very dedicated Scout leaders having fun together making their best for the Scouts. As Scout leaders in Kärrtorp we always try to honour BP and we do that through his words: ”If it is not fun, it is not scouting”.

We encourage Scout leaders all over the world to honour this as a key factor to success.


In our troop as well as commonly in Sweden, scouting is divided into Minior Scouts age 8 and 9, Junior Scouts aged 10 and 11, Patrol Scouts aged 12 to 14 and Senior Scouts aged 15 to 18. After 18 you can join a rover team or be appointed to Scout leader if you are qualified and apply for it.

Swedish Scout shirts are dark blue (old shirts middle blue) and Kärrtorps scarf is grey with a purple ribbon.


Cub scouts:

Ödlan (the Lizard), Ormen (the Snake), Dinosaurien (the Dinosaur) and Grodan (the Frog).

Explorer Scouts:

Stacken (The anthill) and Ringen (The ring)

Adventurer scouts:

Pionjärerna (the pioneers).

Challenger scouts:

S.M.E.K. and JAS


We appreciate international contacts and ask international visitors to write something in our Guestbook. Please state your age, your country and if you want to get a personal Scout friend in Kärrtorp.

If you are planning to visit Stockholm we invite you to contact us at in advance and we will try to assist you. Besides the city of Stockholm there is a well known walking track “Sörmlandsleden” through the province Sörmland passing close to us and the fabulous Stockholm archipelago with 10.000 islands to visit.

Once again, welcome to Stockholm and Kärrtorp!

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